A Trend Following Education

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“A Trend Following Education”

Trend Following is a simplified method of trading stocks that relies on Price Action and Trends to enter and exit the position

If you are new to Trend Following and the Stock Market itself, you have come to the right place.  I am here to Educate you on the simple process of trend following, show how you can Execute the system with minimal time and Manage your trades effectively.

The Road Map for your Trend Following Education…

It all starts with Education. Everyone has different backgrounds and stock market experiences so this is a place to get everyone on the same page.  We have compiled common Terminology, Trade School Videos and Freqently Asked Questions to help get you started on your journey.  From beginner to advanced there is information here to help everyone begin managing their own money 
Do you find its better to watch while learning a new concept?  Well your in luck.  New content is continually uploaded to our Video Series section to assist new traders, struggling traders and even veterans with establishing their Trading Plan and Executing it with a systematic approach. Please visit the Anatomy of a Stock Trade, Free Stock Trade, Nightly Strategy Session, Stock Market Outlook and Weekend Update sections for more information.
Managing your positions is just as important as your entries and exits.  The Model Portfolio gives some insight on how to size your positions properly, diversify your portfolio, and evaluate our trading system to ensure optimal performance.  Did you know a trader can have a win percentage well over 50% but still lose money.  How you ask?  It all comes back to position sizing and trade management that separates the rookies from the professionals.


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